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My Story

Being a professional ballet dancer meant I needed to focus on high performance and utilising health, fitness and nutrition to be the best I could be, but in 2014 I started to struggle with what my definition of "healthy" really was.

I was pushing my body to the limit thinking that more exercise would make me feel better; I was eating foods that I thought were good for me; I was crushing it at work at the detriment of my health and I was feeling pretty bloody crap. So, I started doing self experimentation — 28 days at a time — to see what effect diet and lifestyle changes had on my mental, emotional, and physical states.

Now I'm applying all my knowledge and experience to coach you to feel stronger, be happier and redefine your definition of healthy.

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Coaching For Women Who Know They Are Capable Of More.

• I coach busy women who are ready to feel awesome but need the tools, knowledge and accountability to get there.

• My programs are for you if you are ready to prioritise your health.

• Feel empowered, re-charged, and ready to own your space.


Empowering Women To Make Incredible Change.

Love From Clients


Working with Monique has been a positively life-changing experience. It was great to work as a team to set goals, and having such great support along the way made those goals achievable. Thanks to Monique I've made huge changes with my diet, and my mindset on nutrition and cooking has completely shifted. I was really impressed with her wealth of knowledge - on both the practical and theoretical side, and the way she set me up each week armed with new information and resources to help me reach my goals. Thank you Mon for your support, and the time you spent to help me make the positive changes to my life that previously felt overwhelming or too hard.
— Sarah B, Amsterdam
Monique is an amazing health-coach. With her kind, but steady and consistent guidance, I was able to achieve my goals, which were nourishing my body with healthy food, getting disciplined with exercise, fixing my sleeping patterns and becoming more mindful. Monique did a huge amount of work on setting up the planning for me - which was tailored in accordance to my needs, sharing the knowledge, and being there to support me during challenging moments. Thanks Monique, you’re the best! "
— Leeza P, Amsterdam
28 Day Experiments

My Health Coaching Is
Informed By Experience.

My 28 day self experimentations cut through the noise to get to the bottom of the latest health and wellness trends and philosophies.

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