Think, April 10, 2020

Over-Consuming Content

As humans, we love to consume content – for inspiration, to learn more about things we are passionate about, for entertainment and to connect with like-minded people. This is 100% true for me  – I sometimes think I have a podcast and audiobook addiction – I just can’t get enough, and I know I’m not the only one!

We scroll social for our mini dopamine hit when we are feeling bored, can’t be bothered doing the things we should actually be doing or are just feeling a bit flat. We multi-task while walking by listening to podcasts or audiobooks, and we put on Netflix because it feels easier than actually talking to the person who’s in the room beside us.

But with everything in life, too much – even educational content and inspiration – isn’t a good thing.

When we constantly spend time taking in information, we are not giving ourself time to just be. To sit and breath, to stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system (which is essentially our rest and digest system) and to simply check-in. When we are constantly ‘doing’ and not ‘being’ we are missing an incredible opportunity to re-connect with ourselves, which is essential for healing and growth.

I thought this was relevant topic right now because we have this unique opportunity to take time out of our usually crazy busy schedules to just be. So instead of reaching for your phone or device, what about learning to meditate? Practicing yoga nidra? (essentially yoga sleep – one of my fav types of yoga :-). Journaling? Or even just taking a couple of minutes out of each day to do some deep belly breathing.

For me personally it’s really hard to turn off the audiobook and instead just sit and be. I don’t naturally want to do it, I want to keep consuming content but when I do, it feels so, incredible.

Pretty soon Mother Earth will have had enough rest and we will be resuming life. Things will get busy again, life will move on and we will once again feel like we don’t have time be just be (I say ‘feel’ like because in actual fact, when you develop some sort of meditation or mindfulness practice you actually get more space…). So now is the time, we may never get this amazing opportunity again.

If anyone needs some online resources to start a meditation or mindfulness practice, or just wants some info on where to start, feel free to reach out.

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