Laugh, Think, Live, January 7, 2020

Snackable Health

Sound familiar: “I’ll get that thing done / develop that habit / join that gym / learn to meditate / eat healthier once I’m on holidays and have the time.”

…and then the holiday arrive and almost the opposite happens – you get to bed late, drink more than you intended,  your house cleaning and washing seems to have tripled while the kids are home and your motivation to GET SHIT DONE is at an all time low. So you flag the whole health stuff and decide to try again once the madness ends.

The thing is, the madness never really ends, something else will come up. Good intentions turn to custard, the sugary type of custard you get out of a carton and pour all over your Christmas pudding. Mmmmm, Christmas pudding. Great, now not only have you got no motivation to get things sorted, you have also fallen into a piece of Christmas pudding and custard and are feeling quite rubbish. Queue the negative self talk; in fact, put this on loop and you’ve got yourself a recipe for feeling pretty shit.

Ok, let’s drill down on this a bit. Maybe you’re ‘getting healthy / getting on top of things’ mission sounds something like this – up early for your morning routine that includes 20 minutes of meditating, 20 minutes online yoga and 10 minutes journaling. You’d also like to get in a slow ‘me-time’ coffee, a shower and ideally some admin before the kids are up. You are aiming for 10,000 steps today, you want to cook something from your new healthy cookbook and you also want to join that barre class at 5pm. Tonight you’ll aim to get in your second 20 minute meditation session, plus some breath work before bed.

Sounds like a dream (or maybe to you it just sounds exhausting!) but the reality is, most of us just don’t have time for this.

Below you will find some Snackable Health ideas to help you find ways to incorporate quick and easy healthy tips and tricks into your day.

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