Think, Move, Eat, September 10, 2019

Daily Habits

Want to lose 5kgs? Eat whole, unprocessed foods, everyday.

Want to reduce stress? Meditate, daily.

Want to get fit? Move, dance, run, stretch, everyday.

Want to feel better? Tell yourself you are worth it – EVERYDAY.

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the accumulation of all the little bits – the time you were really exhausted after work and cooked yourself a healthy meal when previously you would have ordered take aways; it’s the morning yoga class that you really didn’t want to drag yourself out of bed for but did it anyhow; it’s the time when you were too busy to meditate but made yourself sit down on the mat.

👉It’s all the little bits that add up to the make the significant changes.

Sometimes we over think it. Sometimes our monkey mind loves talking us out of it. Sometimes we just need to give ourself a gentle little kick in the butt and get it done.

So make it happen, today. Start your daily habits, today. What is it you want to achieve or change, and what can you start doing today to move towards that place?

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