About Me

About Me And My Mission

Hi there, I’m Monique.

Muma to my beautiful little girl Gracie Ella, partner to my incredible and crazy boyfriend Dylan, and on a quest to find out what really makes us healthy and happy.

I work with women to make confident, beautiful empowering life change, I do 28 day self experimentations to cut through the noise and get to the bottom of the latest health and wellness trends and philosophies.

For me, being healthy isn’t only about eating broccoli or getting in your 3 X 20mins / week, it’s about so much more. It’s about connecting with your inner voice, moving with ease, feeling fit, being present, addressing cravings, sleeping better, laughing, playing, having fun, being creative and ultimately connecting to our higher purpose. That might sound overwhelming, but it’s not about perfection, it’s about growth. It’s about picking up your higher self from the rock it’s climbed under, dressing it up in some heels and lippy and taking it down town even when all you want to do is wallow in your own grumpiness. It’s about constantly showing up and being open to growth and possibilities and then when we do fuck up, as we sometimes do, it’s about learning and loving and moving on. It’s about having fun, connecting with the beautiful people in our lives and loving with a big warm open heart.

My life has always been focused on performance and utilising health, fitness and nutrition to be the best I can be. Past and present ‘hats’ include professional ballet dancer, fully qualified pilates instructor, executive at an advertising agency, health coach, writer and most importantly Muma to a cheeky little monkey. These roles have meant I need to be extremely disciplined, focused and keep healthy to ensure I’m on top of my game.

In 2014 I was starting to struggle with what my definition of “healthy” was. I was pushing my body to the limit thinking that more exercise would make me feel better; I was eating foods that I thought were good for me; I was crushing it at work at the detriment of my health and all I knew was how crap I was feeling, and how lost I was. So, I started doing my own self experimentation – 28 days at a time – to see if diet or lifestyle changes made me feel, think or move differently. And ultimately to see what made me happier.

Now I’m applying all my knowledge and experience to coach women to feel stronger, be happier and find their own definition of healthy.

My Health Coaching

About My Health Coaching

Change is a beautiful thing when we are ready to let go of what’s no longer serving us.

Before finding my passion of empowering women to become the very best versions of themselves, I worked in digital advertising in Amsterdam. I jumped into it feet first – loved it – partied hard, met amazing people, moved quickly up the ladder. I organised and planned and managed and problem solved. I won pitches, managed global campaigns, took the agency to new heights, and then I burnt out.

In quite a spectacular fashion.

One day head held high and in a position of power, then next not able to get out of bed.

What an amazing, enriching, life changing fuck up to go through.

I’m eternally grateful.

It took time, and a lot of work, but I am now happier, healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been.

How did I do it? How do you make confident, beautiful empowering life change? Especially with something that has been holding you back for so long?

Change is beautiful thing. When we are ready to let go of what is no longer serving us.

My approach is about making long-term, sustainable changes in all aspects of my client’s life with a focus on health and wellness. It isn’t about will power and restriction. It’s about moving better, feeling stronger and owning your space.

Space is key.

Presence is key.

Authenticity is key.

And most importantly accountability is key, and this is where I help.

We focus on mind, body and nutrition. I provide education, tools and accountability to move you from here to there. It isn’t about calorie counting – it’s about really getting to know your body, your mind and most importantly your why to be able to make long-term, sustainable change.

Why Experiment

About My Experiments

We have access to an abundance of information and yet we are paralysed by the volume.

We eliminate something from our lifestyle only to replace it with some other vice.

Last week vegan was hot shit and now fat bombs are all the rage.

I’m sick of hearing that as a race are getting sicker; it’s true, we are, I’m just sick of hearing it and knowing that the majority of us are doing bugger all about it.

I’m sick of little ones being fed sugar and fried food when the solution is so simple – education.

I’m sick of not having answers and chasing my own tail to try and understand my own health ailments.

So, I’m on a quest – to find out for myself what makes me feel good, happy and healthy and to share this information with you.

I don’t have all the answers, and I never will. We are all different – majority raw food works for some, and for others its a nightmare. Some need to run, some need to sit in a quiet space and just be.

But we all need to focus more on our health. All of us.

We need to pay more attention to how we feel – after we put that 3rd donut in our mouth, how that person or situation affects our mood, how we feel after only 5 hours sleep. The answers are there, we just need to prioritise finding them.

Because unless we are healthy, nothing else works. And the decline happens slowly – you are ok for a day, a week and even you can go on for months but eventually it catches up with you.

Sometimes getting back to health means a career change, sometime it means cleaning up your diet or hitting the pause button on all your “to-dos”, it could be eliminating wheat, leaving that toxic relationship, really connecting with your partner or sometimes it just means being kinder to yourself and stopping the internal negative self talk.

We are all fucked up in our own wonderful, special, magical ways. We are all beautiful messes and thats absolutely, completely ok.

I love being able to get my teeth stuck into these concepts and ways of life for 28 days at a time and sharing my finding with you.

What does it mean to be healthy? And happy? How do we make positive changes in our lives?

For me, these self experimentations are a way to learn and grow and share all the magic with you. It’s about breaking through the noise and discovering what really makes us healthy, and happy.

Ultimately, 28 Days of Me is about redefining the boundaries of health and wellness and enabling positive life changes for everyone.

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