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Interview With An Astrologer

I’ve always has a sneaky interest in astrology. When I was younger I would immediately turn to the back of the paper or my teen magazine to check my horoscope and I love it when you see star sign traits in someone’s personality, so I was pumped to be able to sit down with a real life astrologer – Felicia Sokol.

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Monique: So what exactly is astrology? We have all seen the horoscopes in the back of newspapers or magazines, but in your own words – what exactly is it?

Felicia: Astrology is the study of the cosmos through a more symbolic lens. It is a means to understand ourselves both individually and collectively in relation to the planets and points in the sky. Each of us is a microcosm of the cosmos at the moment we took our first breath. As the sky is always in motion, it interacts with our own personal cosmos inside. This energy is what influences our personality and life experiences. Of course, we always have free will, it’s simply an influence (sometimes subtle, and other times, not so subtle).

Horoscopes, though fun, are a rather shallow way of understanding astrology. Also, you cannot clump 1/12th of the world population into a single prediction. I understand what they’re trying to do, but to draw out a real horoscope, would have to be incredibly personal, based on all your planets positioning, rather than simply your sun sign (or the month you were born in). Nonetheless, they can be very entertaining! I like when horoscopes are more collectively-minded.

— pro-tip: if you want more accuracy when reading horoscopes, read for your rising sign.

Monique: Ohh, pro-tip, we like those – how do we know what our rising sign is?

Felicia: The rising sign changes really quickly. In order to find your rising sign, you need to know the exact time and location of your birth. If you know this information, there’s tons of websites where you can type in your information and get your rising sign (amongst your entire birth chart) How to find your rising sign

Monique: What initially got you interested in Astrology?

Felicia: Well. I’ve always felt a strong connection to spirit. It’s who I am. As a child, I used to look up at the sky for hours on end, almost meditatively, and feel a connection. I knew what was out there was more of me… or us. I suppose that’s more of a mystical foundation for my interest.

I never paid much attention to astrology until I was a teenager. I was at a party and I made friends with this guy who had such an interesting personality and reminded me a bit of my best friend. I had this intuitive moment to ask him what his birthday was. It was the exact same day as my best friend. I decided to look up what the qualities were of that sign: Sagittarius. It was sort of mind-blowing. I expected very vague, entertaining answers, but what I got as I continued to look into it all, was more and more specificity. The signs made so much sense to me. I was consuming so much information and applying it as best I could. I felt like I was remembering information I had long forgotten. It just really resonated.

Monique: Do you have a favourite sign? 

Felicia: Wow. That’s so hard. I appreciate every sign for what it is. Each one has its unique gifts and its shadows. I have a special love for Sagittarius. Perhaps it’s because that’s the sign that started it all. Sagittarius energy is endlessly optimistic and liberating.

Monique: How can we use astrology to have a better love life / more money / success in our careers?

Felicia: I think rather than using astrology as a means to gain something tangible, it’s better when it’s used as a means to gain understanding. It has helped me understand people better and appreciate them for who they are, even if their energy is at odds with my own. I can still see their uniqueness and gifts. I have a very holistic approach to it all. I believe when we gain further understanding of ourselves (and of others), we are able to let go of the things that hold us back and allow for more of what we desire to come through. It’s all about perspective. Often astrology can validate challenging periods (or accelerated periods) in our lives and we gain more insight into how we can use this to our advantage. You realise that life ebbs and flows, just like the movement of the tides, the moon, the orbits of the planets. Likewise, when a difficult planet is making a challenging aspect to your own, it could be a lesson to just slow down and relax. But certainly, there are more opportune times to start a new project, get more recognition, financially stabilise than other times. And yes, astrology can highlight all of this.

Monique: Are some horoscope / astrologers more reliable than other? What should we look for when finding an astrologer or looking online for our quick fix of star signs?

Felicia: There are definitely some astrologers that are more reliable than others. I think reliability is more about how well the astrologer intuitively understands the information and how well studies they are, but mostly, how they communicate the information. I think some astrologers will resonate with some people and other astrologers will resonate with other people. It’s important we use our own personal intuition and resonance when it comes to what information we take in. Find someone who seems to vibe with you and what you’re looking for. Personally, I really like Susan Miller’s horoscopes. They’re more specific and in depth than most. I also really appreciate Chani Nicholas‘s style. She has a very poetic and political approach. There’s also Jeffrey Winshaw of the Brooklyn Fools. He’s a Tarot Reader as well, amongst other things. He’s just starting a podcast called Cosmic Cousins, which I’m excited to listen to.

My style is very much who I am. I love recognising emotional undercurrents and digging deep into the psyche. I try to work through empowering others. I present the information in a way that’s very accessible to people who might know very little about astrology. I like to think of it all as practical application of spirit. Grounded spirituality for the modern witch.

Monique: Are there any times that getting your sign read isn’t recommended?

Felicia: I suppose it can’t hurt. If you’re curious about learning more about yourself through a more cosmic lens, you can. It can only create more understanding. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. That’s cool too.

Monique: Sometimes horoscopes and star signs can get a bit of a reputation for being flakey – how do you respond to that?

Felicia: When it’s generalised and sensationalised for entertainment, it definitely is flakey. But that’s okay too. If all you’re looking for is shallow entertainment, by all means, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with playful fun. But there’s a lot more to it than that. If you’re really interested in diving into the the never ending depths of astrology (or any other form of intuitive art), start by learning about yourself. Your own natal chart. Get a reading if you can afford it. Or buy a book. If it resonates, you’ll see just how deep these energies run and how interconnected everything is. There’s more to each of us than meets the eye.

Monique:  In your opinion, what’s one misconception about astrology? 

Felicia: Definitely the biggest misconception I come across is that all you are is your sun sign (the month you were born). You are actually a microcosm of the positioning of each planet, sign, and house to the very degree at the moment and location of your birth. No other person (not even a twin) has the same set-up as you do. You’re not just your sun sign. You’re all the planets.

Another misconception would be when people defensively call it bullshit before looking into it at all (probably just because it challenges their inherited beliefs over what’s real and what’s not). That’s totally their right. I’m not claiming that any of this is truth with a capital T. But! It certainly is true to me and many others. It’s not some sort of dogma. Some certain truth that everyone needs to believe in. It’s simply another lens to look at the personality. Just like psychology. Or the Myers Briggs test… It’s just a lens.

Monique: Is there anything cool or funky going on in the universe right now? 

Felicia: There is so much funkiness going on in the universe right now. But you don’t have to be “spirtiually-minded” to recognise that. We’re at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Lots of things are falling apart. Old paradigms are sinking as new ways of thinking and being are rising. To me, it’s all about sovereignty and empowerment. For me, part of waking up, is waking up to the fact that we all have so much more power than we’ve been taught to believe we have. Within the realm of astrology, part of how I connect to my own femininity is by working with the new and full moons. I recognise astrologically novel events and their meaning and try to use them as an opportunity to at least slow down and reflect. Or to start something new. It depends on what’s going on.

Monique: Can you recommend any online resources for anyone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of themselves or people around them through astrology?

Felicia: For online resources, Cafe Astrology has very simple, but very accessible information. There’s loads of information and explanations on that site. Also, Dark Pixie Astrology is really good for beginners. When it comes to learning astrology, you can only learn so much. Eventually, you sort of begin understanding the information in your own way.

Monique: And finally, where can people connect with you?

Felicia: You can find my blog and contact details here

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